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The beauty trends the Golden Globes will inspire this year.

In case you've been hiding away in a man cave, afraid of a witch hunt, you might have noticed the Golden Globe Awards were televised on Monday. Given that the red carpet was dominated by the Time's Up movement –– including the black dress code –– it might seem trivial to examine hairstyles. But hairstyles are as much a visual and symbolic signifier as clothes, and deserve proper attention, because the way these ladies wore their hair will influence hairstyle trends for the forthcoming year.

It should not surprise us that the up-do dominated. It is, after all, in many ways the hair equivalent of pants, and many actresses, Alexis Bledel, Debra Messing and Christina Hendricks among them, chose to wear trousers for the occasion. There were also more than a couple slick-backed do's. The Crown's Claire Foy and Ladybird's Saorise Ronan both chose the dramatic style, a bold choice, as it emphasises the face, and is defiantly anti-girly.

              Emma Watson at the 2018 Golden Globe Awards

Both hairstyles are not for the timid, and isn't that in keeping with the spirit of the night? 

Let's look at the up-do's. Because they were everywhere. Ponytails – casual and otherwise – and buns, plaits on Emma Stone, Dakota Fanning, Millie Bobby Brown, Issa Rae, Christina Hendricks, Natalie Portman, and who could forget Tracee Ellis Ross and that silk turban? We spoke to celebrity hairstylist, Anthony Nader, for a deeper analysis of this refreshing choice.

"Who doesn't love an updo?" says Nader, and we can't disagree. "But let me say this again though, who doesn't love an effortless, classic and timeless updo? We all do, including the celebs this season and because of a few reasons.

Claire Foy and Matt Smith attend the 2018 Golden Globe Awards

"They know that they can party on all night long and their hair style won't flop, having your hair up will define and highlight your facial features, and it's just a little bit more inspiring," says Nader, who adds that the focus is then on your face, where you can be more creative. This was certainly the case for Foy and Ellis Ross, who both chose to accentuate their up-do's with bold, red lipstick.

"When your hair is up, this lends itself to letting the dress shine, while keeping clear the area around the neck and shoulders."

But what is an up-do without a fringe? It also happened to be Nader's favourite hair trend and was the choice of Emma Watson and Dakota Johnson. "Emma's hairstyle is that shape where it looks like you've spent some time on your hair but mostly, you didn't go OTT with the styling," says Nader of her hair choice. "It's effortless, it's modern, it's cute, and lastly, it's insta-worthy."

"Dakota Johnson, meanwhile. Seriously!" exclaims Nader. "My girl hair crush!"

"Her overgrown bangs flutter below her eyebrows, which are like, totally cute. Her hair is long and textured and I can't even tell you how many models sit in my chair and reference her for their own hair cuts. It happens nine out of ten times."

                     Dakota Johnson at the 2018 Golden Globe Awards

There you have it, the styles everyone will be copying. If there's any doubt, feel free to turn your eyes to the most recent outing of Meghan Markle. What did she wear for her first engagement with Prince Harry for 2018? An up-do. A fabulous, messy bun, to be exact. Bring it on.

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