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'Ghost girl' captured by dash cam

This spooky footage showing the 'ghost' of a girl standing in the middle of a busy road will leave you with goosebumps. Keep your eye on the barrier to the right.
The video captured by a dash cam has left viewers slightly nervous after it was shared on online.
A driver was passing the Upper Bukit Timah Road in Singapore recently when the eerie figure appears and is visible on the footage.
dash cam
Just driving down a busy road. Photo: Facebook
The figure looks like a young girl standing on the divider with long hair.
Discussion was rife online after it was shared on Facebook page.
"A few people died when their was a accident a long time ago," one person wrote. "Some motorcyclists were killed when a vehicle crashed into them under the bridge where they were taking shelter from the rain."
ghost video
Suddenly a figure appears on the barrier on the right. Photo: Facebook
Others however weren't so convinced.
"Not a ghost. Just a young lady taking shortcut to cross the road," one person commented.
"I think she is waiting for uber," another quipped.
The video has since been shared over 2,000 times and viewed over 260,000 times.
Can you spot the ghost?

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